Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Platform E?

Platform E is a comprehensive entrepreneurship ecosystem offering a unique blend of knowledge, incubation, start-up business support and funding. In addition to the knowledge and capital support, we operate a state-of-the-art 25,000 sq ft co-working space at SIM Management House in Namly / Bukit Timah area in Singapore. The Space (co-working space) is also open to start-ups that are not participating in Platform E’s programmes.



2. Who can benefit from your entrepreneurship programmes? 

Two groups of knowledge seekers can benefit from our programmes:

  1. Aspiring entrepreneurs which include fresh graduates exploring innovative new ideas or PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Engineering, and Technicians) who are seeking a career switch into becoming a founder in a high-growth business. We designed a comprehensive, modular, three 4-month cycles long IntensE programme for this group.

  2. Practising entrepreneurs who have already started their ventures and who need help with overcoming growth roadblocks or with scaling up their businesses. For this group, we offer a cycle-based programme called IntegratE, that targets the various stages of the start-up journey that they are at, and is a sub-set of the IntensE programme.

3. What is the IntensE Track?

The IntensE Track is a cycle-based programme aimed at equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary know-how to ideate, start, operate and sustain a business. They will learn and work on their ideas and start-ups at the same time. There are three consecutive, independent cycles: Explore (Customer Discovery), Extend (MVP Building and Prototyping), and Emerge (Go-to-Market).

Participants will start with an idea and, at the end of the 3rd and final cycle, graduate with a business start-up. They will be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in their entrepreneurship journey or take up the role of an entrepreneur within an organisation.

Participants are entitled to hot-desking throughout each individual cycle.


6. What are the courses offered in the programmes?

There are 12 courses being offered per cycle throughout IntensE. For more information, please refer to the Platform E brochure.


7. What can participants expect from the full experience entrepreneurship programme (IntensE Track)?

Participants will learn, apply and deepen their knowledge and skills, and work on their start-ups at the same time. They will go through three cycles of learning and reflection interleaved with hands-on practical work on ideation and development of the business idea.

They will be matched and guided by industry mentors who will advise on ideas validation, Product- and Founder-Market-Fit assessments and pitching to investors.

A key feature of the IntensE track programme is the opportunity to work directly on their ideas, which will then be developed into a start-up throughout the course.

Participants who take Cycle 3 (Emerge) may have the opportunity to pitch to investors.


8. What if I don’t have an idea for a new venture, but still want to participate?

Participants who join the IntensE Track need not have a business idea when they join, but should be intent on pursuing the entrepreneurship path and have the passion and drive to succeed. As part of the programme, they will undertake hands-on ideation under the guidance of mentors.

Participants will be challenged on their business idea, put through rigorous validation, and at the end of the programme, will be expected to develop an agile business plan to take the first steps to becoming a business owner.

All participants will have the opportunity to discover what roles they can play within start-up, and to experience working among other start-ups.


9. How are Platform E’s programmes different from the other programmes out there?

Platform E is more than just an entrepreneurship programme or an incubator or accelerator. It is an integrated ecosystem combining the training of entrepreneurs, incubating of ideas and the accelerating of Go-to-Market start-ups supported by an ecosystem of co-working space and community of industry experts, mentors, investors and peers.

We focus on developing not just the idea but also the entrepreneur behind the idea, equipping him/her with deep knowledge, skills and relevant experiences to be an entrepreneur leader in his own business as well as in organisations.

Besides helping entrepreneurs find a Product-Market-Fit, Platform E is also focused on helping to develop a Founder-Market-Fit. Under the guidance of mentors, the entrepreneur will develop a deeper understanding of his intended market and its attractiveness to stakeholders.


10. Who designed and developed Platform E’s programmes?

The curriculum of Platform E’s programmes is designed by successful practising entrepreneurs who have both practical experience and academic credentials, and who are familiar with the needs and challenges facing start-ups.

Leading the development of the programmes is Dr. Virginia Cha, an active researcher, educator, mentor and angel investor in Singapore’s entrepreneurship ecosystem with 36 years of technology management experience with the most recent decade in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Dr. Cha is the Professor-in-Residence at Platform E and will be a key member of the team of lecturers.


11. When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the upcoming 2019 intake into the first cycle of the IntensE programme (Explore) will be on 1 May 2019 - Early Bird discounts for applicants will close on 19 April.


12. Is there an application fee?



13. When will the programme commence?

The date of commencement for the IntensE Track - Cycle 1 (Explore) is 15 May 2019.


14. How are the fees paid?

IntensE Track participants will be prompted to make the full programme fee payment of SGD $4,000 to be paid before the commencement of each cycle.

Participants can pay by cash, credit card, cheque or bank transfer.


15. Can I stop in between cycles? Will there be penalties?

The programmes are designed to mimic an entrepreneurship journey so it is agile and flexible to adapt to changes in circumstances. You can pause anytime between cycles. There is no penalty. .


16. Is there any programme that caters to full-time working adults?

Our programmes cater to full-time working adults. Most of our courses are conducted during the weekdays in the evening. The field work schedule is flexible, depending on your objectives and learning outcome.


17. Is there any discount for group sign-ups from the same company?

Group sign-up(s) from the same company will be entitled to a 20% discount on programme fee.


18. Can I get a mentor who comes from a relevant/specific industry that I am interested to enter when I take the IntensE Track?

We will strive to make contacts and match you with mentors from relevant fields.


19. The programme fees include co-working space. If I do not need the space, can I get a refund?

No, there will not be any refund.



20. Can participants of Platform E expect to get invested?

In our ecosystem, there is an angel investor network and other funding entities with whom we are partners with. Pitching and networking events will be organised for budding start-ups to get potential funding. For IntensE Track participants, the mentor that you are matched with to help in the development of your entrepreneurship skill sets and business idea may over time decide to invest. The elements of investment will be decided by the funding party.