What is Mentoring?

Mentoring the development of a relationship between a more experienced person and those with less experience to further advance the growth of the latter.

At Platform E, the focus we put on developing a long-term, deep mentor-mentee relationship is a key differentiator of our programme.

An entrepreneurship journey is fraught with risks and uncertainty, which can create confusion in the entrepreneur’s decision-making. For instance, when seeking information to validate your proposed idea with the market need, without a mentor’s guidance, you may rely on heuristics and cognitive bias in acquiring information, resulting in poor or skewed decision making. 

Mentors bring reality and focus, social connections, and perspective to your discovery journey.


A key role of the mentor is to provide a reality check and guide you in sense-making so that you avoid errors in judgement. We look to our Mentors to bring clarity, focus, social connections, and perspective to your discovery journey. We encourage the development of a long-term, deep relationship with your mentor, which not only helps you in your learning and growth but allows both of you to receive inspiration, respect, trust and commitment on a mutual level.

At Platform E, we have a comprehensive programme in sourcing and qualifying our mentors. Our mentors go through a master mentoring workshop so they have the necessary tools to guide in reflection and insight building.