Are you ready to translate your idea into an MVP?

By Platform E | 02 May 2018


You’ve validated your market needs, and even developed a solution – but your product may not be ready to launch just yet. Find out how Cycle 2: Extend of our IntegratE programme can help.

Class TimeParticipants of Platform E's entrepreneurship programme are guided through the start-up journey, while being supported by a strong ecosystem of strategic partners.

Start-ups fail for many reasons. One of which haunts many founders – who make the mistake of rushing their product or service to the market before proper testing. As mentioned in recent articles here and here

This is why the process of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is so important – and is where proper architectural reasoning, adaptability, prioritisation and the ability to listen to your users truly get tested. Platform E’s IntegratE Cycle 2: Extend programme dives into the MVP stage. Develop a deeper understanding of the many different tactics you can employ to test and reiterate your MVP.

Apply for IntegratE Cycle 2: Extend by 24 May 2018

The programme starts on 11 June 2018 and will introduce participants to the basic concepts of the MVP process; and impart the knowledge and skills required to execute and pivot as they progress.

 Programme timeline

Classes include Industry Structure/Sales & Distribution, Basic IP and Architectural Reasoning for Entrepreneurs. Participants will also be brought through a suite of advanced digital marketing modules where they will learn about SEO/SEM, social media marketing and marketing metrics. These are marketing skills that overlap the MVP and Go-To-Market stages of a start-up journey.

The key element of the programme is the Fieldwork – and in Cycle 2: Extend, participants will develop their MVP as they find product-market-fit. The learning process is rounded off during the reflection and insights week – where they internalise their mistakes, lessons learnt and plan their next steps – to bring their product/service to-market.

The Early Bird Deadline has been extended to 15 May! revised timeline

Register before 15 May to enjoy our early bird discount of 10% off the programme fees.

If you are a member of NTUC, use the code NTUCEXTEND when you apply for the programme to enjoy a special rate of S$2,550 (after e2i grant) for our IntegratE Cycle 2: Extend programme.

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If you’re looking to grow your start-up and are seeking skills and support to develop and scale up, consider Cycle 3: Emerge. More details on the IntegratE programme can be found here

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