SIM AEC partners with Millet Group to provide regional footprint for Platform E

By Platform E | 16 May 2018

Singapore Institute of Management Applied Entrepreneurship Centre’s (SIM AEC) partners with Millet Group to provide regional footprint for Platform E’s programme of Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Funding and Co Working

Singapore, Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Millet Mou Signing  


Singapore Institute of Management Applied Entrepreneurship Centre (SIM AEC) and Millet Group and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate the growth across Asia of the Platform E entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Featuring a unique blend of knowledge, industry practicum, mentorship, incubation, start-up business support and funding, SIM AEC’s flagship Platform E provides a comprehensive entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Millet Group represented by Millet World Pte Ltd, Millet Capital Pte Ltd and Metaverse Systems Pte Ltd will collaborate collectively to enhance Platform E’s programme through the specialist services of each company which include:

  • Millet World: Place and Space making for Platform E’s facilities at SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue
  • Millet Capital: Membership access for business deal making and co working to all Millet World Trading Post sites across Asia for Platform E students and alumni. The roll out plan includes: Malacca, Manila Chengdu, Jimei, New Delhi, Danang, and Jakarta
  • Metaverse Systems: Business Transformation Models through the relevant use of Emergent Technologies which include: Augmented and Virtual Reality, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Commenting on the collaboration Mr. Tan Choon Seng Chairman SIM AEC said “We are intent on building Platform E into the premier Entrepreneurship platform in Singapore and Asia. The multi-company approach by the Millet Group will add considerable value to the Platform E programme. The connection with Trading Post in particular provides our students and incubatees with a unique high touch, high value access to entrepreneurs and markets across Asia. This is instrumental in ensuring that Platform E start-ups and incubated companies can establish reference customers quickly and prove their business viability. We are also able to put in practice global thinking for all participants of Platform E.”

Platform E will tap on Millet World’s expertise in Place and Space Making to create a vibrant and engaged community at its facilities in 41 Namly Avenue. The previously untapped ecosystem of the Arts, Culture and Entertainment will be introduced to the extensive space and facilities at Platform E through a curated calendar of events.

Metaverse Systems conceives and develops business model transformation solutions through the use of Emergent Technologies. This collaboration will provide access to Platform E’s talent pool of students, entrepreneurs and academics to develop innovative solutions for real world business issues.

"We are honoured to be engaged on multiple fronts with the venerable SIM AEC” said Millet Holdings Executive Director Colin Goh. “The pace of change which dominates today’s business environment demands innovative collaborations like the one that we have entered into and provide opportunities for Singapore based entrepreneurs to “hunt in pack” as we increasingly venture further afield. “

To find out more about Platform E and the collaboration with the Millet Group please contact Rina Neoh, Managing Partner ,Platform E at

About The SIM Applied Entrepreneurship Centre (AEC)

The Applied Entrepreneur Centre (AEC) was set up by the Singapore Institute of Management with a strong mandate to nurture the development of future entrepreneurs and SMEs in Singapore. Set up in 2016 with a seed fund of $50m from SIM, the AEC will adopt a multi-pronged approach to develop both sides of the entrepreneurship equation. It will achieve this through three pillars of development: equip entrepreneurs and facilitate business start-ups; help small businesses scale up; and develop a strong network of angel investors with the knowledge and skills to fund and grow promising ventures.

About Platform E

The first of AEC’s initiative is the launch of Platform E (PE), a comprehensive ecosystem that provides all the essential support for start-up success. Platform E integrates under one roof the training and equipping of entrepreneurs, incubating of business ideas and the acceleration of go-to-market start-ups, supported by a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and enterprises as well as a co-working space.