FEED Camp Gains Traction

16 October 2018

The Food Ecosystem has been abuzz with the talk of all things food; sustainability, scarcity, wastage, security, megatrends, and innovation are making rounds, and for good reason.

As we head further into the 21st Century, global issues that were once deemed to be far in the future are now taking the forefront, especially as the world population grows and is expected to hit nearly 10 billion people by 2050. Increasing urbanisation and the unprecedented rate of climate change have now put the pressure on for us to make a difference in every stage of the supply chain, from Food Source, through to Food Stands, via Food Science. With many systemic problems to tackle, a sustainable and ecological approach is needed to help bring about meaningful and impactful change in the way we deal with matters surrounding food.

In light of all of these concerns, there has been significant media coverage. Dr Virginia Cha, Platform E's Entrepreneur-in-Residence, was featured on Money FM 89.3, discussing the latest trends and innovations in the industry, how they are a reflection of the way our social consciousness regarding the environment and our health is wired, and how it all ties back to the ever-increasing need to feed the desire to innovate.

Click on the image below to listen to the radio chat.

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Asia Tech Podcast has also produced a set of podcasts - Can Singapore be the Food Startup Nation for the world - hosted by Neville J McKenzie. They cover a gamut of topics, from:

  • What the current food innovation landscape is like in Singapore and beyond;
  • How institutions and organisations are tackling these issues;
  • Why food security is becoming an increasingly glaring issue and, paradoxically, how the problem of food waste has also come to the fore;
  • Can the supply chain of food be optimised and improved upon, and if so, how?

Among others.

Listen to the podcasts by clicking on the images below:

Episode 1: 

WhatsApp Image 2018 09 27 at 18.19.29

Dr Virginia Cha, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Platform E (second from right), and Ms Petrina Lim (far right), Head for the Center for Applied Nutrition at Temasek Polytechnic, share their thoughts on the boundless opportunities for one to make, grow, and deliver food, and on how waste can be handled and managed.

Episode 2:

WhatsApp Image 2018 10 06 at 16.24.19

In this segment, John Cheng (front right), Director of Business Development at Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory Pte Ltd, Aaron Wong (front left) from SinFoo Tech, and Wynne Peh (second from left) of Innovate360 discuss the threats we face from food scarcity, and how the population boom coupled with less arable land can also even have critical geopolitical implications.

Episode 3:

WhatsApp Image 2018 10 05 at 11.59.141

Kelvin Ong (far right), CEO and Founder of FocusTech Ventures, Dr Kwan Lui (front centre), Visionary Founder at Sunrise-Global Chef Academy, and Kaushik Swaminathan (far left), resident entrepreneur at Open Sesame, explain how there are always the means to innovate when it comes to food, anything from tackling issues within the food production chain, to solving longer-term, futuristic problems.

Episode 4:

WhatsApp Image 2018 10 09 at 19.45.19

In the fourth and final instalment of this podcast series, Dr. Goh Lay Beng (second from right), Deputy Director of Skills & Enterprise Development at Temasek Polytechnic and Hazel Lim (far right), Business Development executive at SIFOOD, Singapore and Israel Food, share their viewpoints on the excessive wastage of food, and how innovative solutions can be plugged in to become part of a far larger initiative to combat these, and similar issues.

FEED Camp aims to empower changemakers - entrepreneurs, scientists/researchers, and corporate representatives - to explore new concepts in food innovation, gain exposure to the local entrepreneurial landscape, and be able to transform ideas into something applicable in the real world. 


8-10 November 2018 (6.30pm-9.30pm on 8 & 9 November; 9am-8pm on 10 November)

**6- and 12-month interest free instalment plans are available for OCBC and Citibank Cardholders. Terms and conditions apply.

Application deadlines:
02 November

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FEED Camp is the first-of-its-kind programme which takes an ecosystem approach towards innovation through start-ups. It is a joint initiative between Platform E, Temasek PolytechnicInnovate360, and FocusTech Ventures.