Entrepreneurship & growth: the mindset it takes to break the mould and succeed

26 March 2019

It starts with a certain mindset; one's success is usually tied back to their resolve and resilience towards difficulty. Nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset is definitely achievable, but unique to each, an individual's success depends on the initiative taken to embrace and develop that mindset.

A penchant for self-improvement and using failure as a stepping-stone towards your next goal, are just some elements of an entrepreneurial mindset that counts towards the success of a budding entrepreneur. Learn more at our upcoming info session as Dr. Virginia Cha shares on how an entrepreneurial mindset forms the foundation of your growth as an entrepreneur. 




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Resolve, Resilience, Commitment 

The difference between entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs lies solely in their mindset. Using the same knowledge, ideas, and resources, a successful entrepreneur takes their personal initiative to tackle problems from all possible angles, never content even when a solution is found. 

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Accepting failure as the mother to success

Successful entrepreneurs who possess an entrepreneurial mindset tend to view failure differently. Take Steve Jobs who struggled during his initial stint at Apple or Tony Fernandes who came from a totally different field prior to acquiring AirAsia.

They view failure as a necessary part of life and fail forward each time, understanding that almost nothing works for the first time and that setbacks don't mean total failure. All it requires is a different approach. During our info session, Dr. Cha will provide some tips on how you could emulate your entrepreneurial heroes and bounce back from failure without breaking the bank.

Rather than viewing failure as something to be avoided, take it as feedback, on what works and what doesn't. When applied correctly, this could be one of the most valuable tools in self-development. 

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There are always 2 sides to a problem

With an infinite number of ways to cause a problem, there will be an infinite number of ways to solve it. One of the most telling signs of having an entrepreneurial mindset is the willingness to approach problems from multiple angles. In essence, it is about thinking holistically rather than taking a linear approach. 

A successful entrepreneur approaches problems with an open-ended mentality, understanding that success is not what you get out of the problem but rather how you can make the best out of it.

The success of an entrepreneur boils down to their mindset

Success as an entrepreneur requires the adoption of an entrepreneurial mindset; one that supplements personal growth, knowledge expansion, and an overall evolution as a person. Our world is filled with amazing opportunities, and perceiving them is just part of the challenge of being an entrepreneur.

Ever thought of being an entrepreneur? Come down for our sharing and networking session where Dr. Virginia Cha would be happy to share the specific strategies needed to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.