Personality traits that make a successful entrepreneur

10 April 2019

Have you ever felt that you were born to lead your own company? Or wondered how some people are just more inclined towards innovation and are able to come up with brilliant ideas on the spot? Are people born with this entrepreneurial trait?

Individuals are defined by their personality, and entrepreneurs by their grit, resourcefulness and persistence. For successful entrepreneurs, some aspects of the Big Five Personality Traits stand out more than others.


What is the BIG FIVE Personality Test?

The Big Five traits of personality are five broad domains which define human personality and account for individual differences. A strong entrepreneurial mindset differentiates regular business owners from successful ones. There are parallels noted between the elements of the entrepreneurial mindset and five personality traits. Find out more about this connection at our upcoming talk, hosted by Dr. Virginia Cha.


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What traits do entrepreneurs possess?

A successful entrepreneur considers failure as a close friend, as it is through multiple attempts that they refine and improve on what they think is the best version of their end product. Also, plans don't always go your way. Embracing change and looking for new opportunities are what set those with an entrepreneurial mindset apart, overcoming this obstacle allows new doors to be open.

Here are some entrepreneurial traits from the Big Five Personality Test

  • Those who have a stronger degree of Emotional Stability are better in dealing with the stress that comes with constant failure.
  • People who score high on Conscientiousness are diligent and reliable, making it easier for them to bounce back from failure to pursue their next challenge.
  • People who score high on Openness are insightful and imaginative, usually finding creative ways to solve problems. 

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Grow with experience 

Contrary to what many believe, an entrepreneurial mindset can definitely be nurtured or cultivated! More so with the right environment and experience. Discover more about yourself with the Big Five personality test and how you can develop the entrepreneurial mindset that drives you towards success. 

Head on down to our sharing and networking session where Dr. Virginia Cha would speak more about the entrepreneurial mindset and how the 5 personality traits are connected to it. You can also bring your results down and have it evaluated during the session.