Different Scholarships Available

We are pleased to introduce the Industry Scholarship to the second cohort of IntensE track applicants, on top of the Platform E Scholarship. There is no scholarship/bursary for IncubatE Track applicants.

Overall, the scholarship applicant must be keen to start a high-growth, scalable business, and be a learning-oriented individual who would benefit from the scholarship. He/she should also possess an unrelenting entrepreneurial passion, motivation and enthusiasm in exploring the entrepreneurship path and making a difference.

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The Industry Scholarship

The Industry Scholarship is eligible for applicants of the IntensE Industry track. Successful applicants of this scholarship will work on a real problem statement provided by the Industry Partner, who will also provide additional corporate and industry resources to escalate the awardee’s progress.

This scholarship is co-funded by Platform E and the respective Industry Partner, and will be awarded at the discretion of both organisations. It covers SGD $10,000 of the total programme fee of SGD $15,000. This is equivalent to 67% (or two-thirds) of the programme fees.  

The scholarship amount will be credited directly to SIM AEC Pte Ltd and no monetary payment will be disbursed to the awardees. The scholarship amount will be disbursed throughout the 3 cycles - the participant will be expected to pay SGD $2,000 for the first 2 cycles (Explore & Extend), and the remainder SGD $1,000 for the last cycle (Emerge). 

Final applications for the Industry Scholarship will close on 10 January 2018. 

Current openings:

PE-MEDs Technologies Industry Scholarship 

Platform E and MEDs Technologies are looking for two (2) entrepreneurs keen to develop a business in IOT Technology, that will be applied to (1) urban vegetable farming and (2) fish farming. 

For both options, you will be able to use IOT devices to measure and monitor growth patterns; apply data analytics to collected data to develop growth profiles; and create a new business/market for IOT in urban farming. 

Successful applicants will get joint-ownership of the developed intellectual property in the venture creation. 

Applicants interested can apply via the button below after completing the programme application.



PE-Providence Solutions Industry Scholarship 

Platform E and Providence Solutions are looking for two (2) entrepreneurs to address disruptions in the HR Tech space.

Applicants to this industry scholarship should possess some commercial experience and be digitally savvy (no coding experience is necessary). You will address the challenge of matching talent to corporate roles by working with Providence Solutions to develop a platform business in the Human Resources industry.

Applicants interested can apply via the button below after completing the programme application.




The Platform E Scholarship

The Platform E Scholarship will be awarded to deserving candidates, who are determined by the Platform E Scholarship Panel. The scholarship is worth SGD $6,000, which is equivalent to 50% of the IntensE track fee. 

The scholarship amount will be credited directly to SIM AEC Pte Ltd; hence, no monetary payment will be disbursed to the awardees.

Due to the cyclical nature of our programme payment structure, awardees need only pay SGD $2,000 for each cycle. 

Our Scholarship/Bursary is open to any Intense Track applicant with interests in any industry. 

Applicants to the programme will be  directed to apply for the Platform E Scholarship/Bursary after he/she completes his/her programme application. 

Only applicants who have applied to and accepted into the programme will have their scholarship/bursary application admitted for consideration.

Applicants will automatically be considered for the Platform E Bursary if he/she is not awarded the Platform E Scholarship.


For more information, please click here or email connect@platformE.asia.